WE HAVE LS engines vortec gen 2 and small block chevy gen1 parts and high perfrmance engine builds plus more…

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Check out are product lines of aftermarket performance parts like Msd,Holley,BTR CAMS,VORTEC supercharger kit and more.We also carry a line of crate engines that range from small block LS3 to Big Block 700hp chevy 572 .

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We also do custom Engine building and aftermarket related work by appointment only.Please email to schedule perfromance related work. 

                                                                                               D&E PERFROMANCE PRODUCT REVIEWS

Parts reviews are in the online  performance store with some of the latest aftermarket products that are out there on market.These product range from standalone EFI systems to Holley hp series Carburetors,Edelbrock Intake manifolds,High perfromance fuel systems like aeromotive fuel pumps, GM perfromance LS Aftermarket cylinder heads ,Power Adders such as nitrous oxide systems,Turbo kits,Supercharger kits,LS 5.3 crate engines.

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We provide information on the parts in the online store as well.Check out the blog post on the Nitrous LS 5.3 marine engine and find out how inpexpensive and budget-firendly an LS engine really is.

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